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Ulcerative Colitis Message of Hope

Yes, you CAN restore your body to a healthy state and balance! Many with similar problems have had dynamic results in recovery through the use of homeopathics and a holistic, multi- directional, natural approach. You can take control and stop the ‘merry-go-round’ of painful symptoms. Start feeding the body what it really needs and restore normalcy to your body and life!

Remember, everyone, (especially as they age), has a need for good, healthy, live bacteria to be restored in their gut. Many have found that adding probiotics have helped their digestive tract and bowels but when they stop taking them they soon return to how they were before taking them. The reason for this is that the ‘good’ bacteria have not yet grown in the gut on its own.

Eventually, your body should be able to continuously produce and grow these good bacteria. That is why we suggest taking the prebiotics found in our Healthy Bowel Support, as these nutrients heals the ‘terrain’ so that once you put the probiotics in your system they will continue to grow and your body will continue to produce and nurture it’s own. Think of it as farming. You can have wonderful, amazing seeds but if you have bad soil, you will not have a good harvest. Firstly, you must repair the field then add in the good seeds!

Also, if your digestion has been compromised from processed foods, lack of fiber, sugars, alcohol, etc, then you will need to be taking live plant digestive enzymes, like those found in our Digest Plus. We recommend The Healthy Bowel Support Kit to get everything you need to support your healing.

We suggest you consider these products for Ulcerative Colitis:

Ulcerative Colitis natural remedies Kit