About Us

Paula Tipton-Healy holds a B.S. in Nutrition, is a trained homeopath, and is licensed as a Midwife by the California Medical Board.

Paula’s path to midwifery came about early in her life when studying for her B.S. in Nutrition, where a class assignment led her to interview pregnant patients regarding their dietary habits. Working with a local physician, Paula was allowed to interview pregnant patients for her assignment and was ultimately invited to attend a homebirth. She was overwhelmed by the experience and began attending more and more homebirths, eventually assisting other medical professionals until qualifying to practice as a primary care midwife.

Her 25-year career as a midwife presented many opportunities to incorporate her nutrition and homeopathic training.

Paula states, “as a midwife, confronted with maternal and neonatal conditions, there were few safe or effective conventional treatments to offer my clients. My frustration with conventional medicine led me to research herbs and other alternative medicines.”

Paula further discovered that herbs were useful and often performed better than common pharmaceutical drugs, though care still had to be taken with certain issues like high blood pressure, etc. and had some limitations due to their dependence on the digestive system for absorption. Unfortunately, during times of illness or imbalance, the digestive system is the first to be compromised, and is a relatively slow delivery system. This is particularly important factor when dealing with critical or emergency situations, where time is vitally important.

Ultimately, Paula was led to homeopathy. While not a panacea, homeopathy delivered astounding results and provided many advantages in midwifery situations. Properly used, homeopathic remedies are completely safe and non-toxic – in over 150 years, the FDA has not recalled a single homeopathic remedy. Remedies are absorbed directly through the mucous membranes (and skin), therefore their effectiveness is not dependent upon the efficacy of the digestive system.

Today, Paula is retired from her midwifery practice but still offers her consulting services in homeopathy and nutrition in her Encinitas, California office and online, with an emphasis in bowel disorders. Her winning combination of homeopathy, probiotics, prebiotics, herbs and nutrition has proven highly successful in promoting rapid healing, while avoiding the harsh side effects of prescription drugs.